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Hi, we are gun!

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What We Do

We are game designers, directors, producers, and publishers. We pour our passion into every project and team that we work with. We push boundaries and excite players.

Gun Media | What We Do | Design


At Gun we design games that WE want to play. We matchmake the right developer to each project. The right fit matters. We look for teams that think like we do, and have a background that coincides with the design.

Gun Media | What We Do | Produce


Upon finding the perfect developer, we then take on the role of a producer. Our experience allows us to deliver top-notch entertainment…Every time.

Gun Media | What We Do | Music


The soundtrack to every game we design or publish, is taken very seriously. The soundscape is a crucial aspect to the experience for the player. We work with sound composers and music artists from around the world, to capture the emotion we’re after.

Gun Media | What We Do | Publishing


There are times when we stumble upon a game that someone else designed, that catches our eye. Usually a small team with a very clever idea. They simply need a little help. This could be financial help, some design advice, better sound or UI, or a way to get their game noticed and delivered to current-gen platforms.

Gun Media | What We Do | UI/UX


A great game mechanic can be overlooked if the player struggles with the game UI. Building a solid user interface is something that is often put off until the last minute. And the results are less than stellar. It takes experience to provide proper navigation. That’s where we can help.

Gun Media | What We Do | Marketing & PR

Marketing & PR

People used to say that competition in the game industry was pertinent to genre or similar gameplay mechanics. However, the industry is changing. Gamers are changing. The true competition now is noise. Gun excels at crafting a brand and message that rises above the noise.



With over 20 years in the gaming industry working on the biggest video games in history, our team delivers top-notch entertainment...every time.



We’re always designing, jotting notes, scribbling on dry erase boards. Feverishly creating, always. Here’s some ideas that have seen the light of day.



One of the best things about our jobs are the people we get to work with. They are some of the industry’s finest. Here’s just a few of them.



We should totally hang out sometime!

Gun Media

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